Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rangkaian Kontrol Kecepatan Wiper Mobil

For some car wiper speed sometimes just made some speed so that less appropriate when we want a different speed, but for those of you who want a digital wiper speed controller you can also use this circuit to replace your old system.

rangkaian kontrol kecepatan wiper mobilSkema rangkaian kontrol kecepatan wiper mobil

Solar Charger Circuit

Here is an Energy saving battery charger. It harvests solar energy to replenish 12 volt Inverter battery. It has auto cut off facility to stop charging when the battery attains full charge. The charger uses a 24 volt solar panel as input.

The circuit uses a variable voltage regulator IC LM 317 to set the output voltage steady around 16 volts. Variable resistor VR controls the output

Touch volume control circuit

Touch controls are not only used to switch devices on or off. They can also be used to control different functions. One good example is the TV remote control. If it is very important to keep the activated functions for a long period of time, it is always better to use a digital memory system. However, if small drifts in the control status is acceptable, a simple analog design can be used to memorize the status.

Rangkaian Saklar Tepuk (Clap Switch Circuit)

A clap switch circuit is a classic beginner’s project. Equipment can be switched on and off by just clapping your hands. Add a tiny microcontroller and you can easily build-in some more useful features.
The microcontroller in this circuit makes it a simple job to add some useful features that are not seen on other clap switch designs:

Friday, 30 March 2012

NiCad Battery Charger Circuit

This array charger ambit is advised for recharging NiCad batteries based on an AC-powered accepted antecedent method. It can crank out as abundant as 1 amp and can be adapted to go alike college by allotment altered accessories for Q1. Since this ambit uses AC band voltages and currents, amuse exercise acute attention during assembly, turn-on,

Regulator 5A model Matahari

Skema Rangkaian Regulator 5Ampere ini mempunyai tegangan pengeluaran yang bervariasi dari mulai 3 Volt sampai 13.8 Volt yang di atur tegangannya oleh saklar rotari. Regulator ini sangat cocok untuk berbagai rangkaian, karena pengeluarannya sangat stabil dan tegangannya murni.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Alarm Circuit For Motorcycle using CD4001

 Simple Alarm for motorcycle with a CD4001

This is a simple alarm circuit for a check with a 4001. You can use it to protect our home, motorcycle, car or any other application that comes to mind. In this circuit you will make a computer simulation with Livewire and then design the printed circuit Kicad.

Konverter 6 Volt ke 12 Volt

6V to 12VDC Converter Schematic
This inverter circuit can provide up to 800mA of 12V power from a 6V supply. For example, you could run 12V car accessories in a 6V (British?) car. The circuit is simple, about 75% efficient and quite useful. By changing just a few components, you can also modify it for different voltages.

Power Supplay 12 Volt Non Trafo

 This circuit will supply up to about 20ma at 12 volts. It uses capacitive reactance instead of resistance; and it doesn’t generate very much heat.The circuit draws about 30ma AC. Always use a fuse and/or a fusible resistor to be on the safe side. The values given are only a guide. There should be more than enough power available for timers, light operated switches, temperature controllers etc,

Rangkaian Detektor Signal AF/RF

The following circuit of special functions to detect the presence or absence of signal AF / RF. This circuit is very simple so as to make it requires a relatively low cost. Detektor Signal AF/RF circuit based an audio amplifier and a loudspeaker with a switch input to the AF and RF signal. The whole device can be made as small as possible so that it can be included in a container to keep the peace.

Audio amplifier section in this series created by IC TDA 2822M, with a low-power stereo amplifier in 8-pin mini-DIP. This IC is used as a bridge cofiguration to minimize output power up to 250 mW, the loudspeaker is in use 4 ohm, 500mW. Current required is less than 10mA with a 3V battery voltage.

Rangkaian Detektor Signal  AF/RF
Skema Rangkaian Detektor Signal AF/RF

Pengukur Suara Speaker

This circuit can be used to setup their home-cinema set adjusting all the loudspeaker outputs to the same level when heard from the listening position. The circuit is very simple (though linear and precise) ac millivoltmeter, using an existing multimeter set to 50 or 100µA fsd with the probes connected to J1 and J2 to read the results.

Rangkaian Pengukur Suara Speaker Skema Rangkaian Pengukur Suara Speaker

Rangkaian Loudness Aktif

Rangkaian Loudness Aktif
Skema Rangkaian Loudness Aktif
To get good audio reproduction at different listening levels, a different tone-setting controls should be necessary to suit the well known behavior of the human ear. In fact, the human ear sensitivity varies in a non-linear manner through the entire audible frequency band, as shown by Fletcher-Munson curves.

A simple approach to this problem can be done inserting a circuit in the Preamplifier stage, capable of automatically varying the frequency response of the entire audio chain in respect to the position of the control knob,

Rangkaian Integrator Op-Amp 741

Op-amp is versatile electronic circuits are designed and specially packaged, so that by adding external components at all, can already be used for various purposes. One of them is to make the integrator integrator circuit functions to produce an output voltage which is an integral function of time from the input voltage.

Rangkaianintegrator widely used in the "analog computer" as a tool for solve the integral equation. This circuit can be made by placing capacitors at the input and output reversed and no-reverse input earthed. Input signal given to the input reversed.

Integrator Op-Amp 741Skema Rangkaian Integrator Op-Amp 741

Rangkaian Penala Antena

This is a series of antenna-tuning circuit or circuits for transmitting antenna placement SW 3-30 MHz wave / short wave 3-30 Mhz. If the placement is just right then the maximum energy from the transmitter will send out all the antenna through sehinnga nothing is wasted. To get a clear picture of the circuit is click on the picture below.

Rangkaian Penala AntenaSkema Rangkaian Penala Antena

Pengatur Kecepatan Motor Menggunakan PWM

So-called PWM or Pulse Modulation Witdh is a technique often used to control a load, for example, is the DC motor speed control, PWM techniques are often used.

Usually to make a simple PWM (for practice or introduction PWM) of the hobbyist to use some of the circuit made of Op-Amp, which consists of Schmitt Trigger circuit, integrator and comparator.

Diagram Pwm ControllerDiagram of PWM Controller

Multivibrator Astable Menggunakan IC 555

Multivibrator is an electronic circuit that at a certain time only one of two output voltage levels, except during the transition period. The transition (switching) between the two levels of output voltage occurs quickly. Two state level of the multivibrator output voltage, which is stable and Quasistable.

Rangkaian Multivibrator Monostable IC 555

Multivibrator Monostable IC 555
Rangkaian Multivibrator Monostable IC 555 is a pulse generator circuit in which the duration of the pulse is determined by the R-C connected to IC 555 timer. In such a vibrator, one state of output is stable while the other is quasi-stable (unstable). For auto-triggering of output from quasi-stable state to stable state energy is stored by an externally connected capaci tor C to a reference

Rangkaian Mixer Mini

 Although the modular Portable Mixer design available on these web pages has become a hit for many amateurs, some correspondents required a much simpler device, mainly for mixing mono signals.
This design should fulfil their needs, featuring three inputs with switchable high/low sensitivity and unusual level-control circuits, providing high overload margins and low-noise figures, proportional to gain-level settings.
Low current consumption due to a simple, five-transistor circuitry, allows the Mini Mixer to be powered by a common 9V PP3 battery for many hours.

Car Subwoofer Amplifier Driver

The stereo signals coming from the line outputs of the car radio amplifier are mixed at the input and, after the Level Control, the signal enters the buffer IC1A and can be phase reversed by means of SW1. This control can be useful to allow the subwoofer to be in phase with the loudspeakers of the existing car radio.


This circuit can be adapted for other regulated and unregulated voltages by using different regulators and batteries. For a 15 Volt regulated supply use two 12 Volt batteries in series and a 7815 regulator. There is a lot of flexibility in this circuit.

Alarm Suhu Tinggi BC550

High Temperature Alarm Circuit

Brightness Controller Circuit For Small Lamps and Leds

Circuit diagram:

Brightness Controller Circuit For Small Lamps and Leds

Guitar Amplifier Schematic Diagram 100W

Fuse Monitor Indicator

Fuse Monitor Indicator circuit

Emergency Lighting Schematics Circuit

The circuit of automatic emergency light presented here has the following features:
1. When the mains supply (230V AC) is available, it charges a 12V battery up to 13.5V and then the battery is disconnected from the charging section.
2. When the battery discharges up to 10.2V, it is disconnected from the load and the charging process is resumed.
3. If the mains voltage is available and there is darkness in the room, load (bulb or tube) is turned on by taking power from the mains; otherwise the battery is connected to the load.
4. When the battery discharges up to 10.2V and if the mains is not yet available, the battery is completely disconnected from the circuit to

Broken Charger Connection Alarm

Broken Charger Connection Alarm Circuit Diagram
The above circuit can be useful to detect if the load of any battery charger or plug-in adapter supply is not properly connected. The load can be a set of batteries to be charged or any other type of battery

Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator Circuit
Versatile circuit which indicates the level of water in a tank. This circuit produces alarm when water level is below the lowest level L1 and also when water just touches the highest level L12. The circuit is designed to display 12 different levels. However, these display levels can be increased or decreased depending upon the level resolution required. This can be done by increasing or decreasing the number of level detector metal strips (L1 to L12) and their associated components. In the circuit, diodes D1, D2 and

Rangkaian Pendeteksi Logam

Rangkaian Pendeteksi Logam
This simple metal detector requires alone a scattering of apparatus and an evening’s work. Congenital about a cmos4011 IC, is actual able-bodied and versatile. The 250 kHz advertence oscillator is congenital with two gates (U1/1 and U1/2), C1, R1 and P1. The chase oscillator uses alone one aboideau (U1/3), two capacitors and the chase coil. The outputs of the two oscillators are fed to the fourth aboideau acting as a mixer and filtered with C4.

1000 Watt Mosfet Power Inverter

This power inverter circuit will provide a very stable “Square Wave” Output Voltage. Frequency of operation is determined by a pot and is normally set to 60 Hz. Various “off the shelf” transformers can be used. Or Custom wind your own for best results.

Sensor IC LM35 based Overheat Detector Alarm Switch

This is Overheat Detector Alarm Switch using Temperature Sensor IC LM35 Electronic Suite Diagram, at the heart of this overhead detector (fire alarm) circuit is a precision integrated temperature sensor type LM35 (IC1), which provides an accurately linear and directly proportional output in mV, over the zero to +155 degrees C temperature range. This can be used as part of fire smoke detectors but do not use it as a home fire alarm system.
The LM35 develops an output voltage of 10 mV/K change in measured temperature.
Designed to draw a minimal current of its own,

2 Watt FM Transmitter

The circuit is basically a radio frequency (RF) oscillator that operates around 100 MHz. Audio picked up and amplified by the electret microphone is fed into the audio amplifier stage built around the first transistor. Output from the collector is fed into the base of the second transistor where it modulates the resonant frequency of the tank circuit (L1 coil and the trimcap) by varying the junction capacitance of the transistor. Junction capacitance is a function of the potential difference applied to the base of the transistor T2. The tank circuit is connected in a Hartley oscillator circuit.

Stereo FM Transmitter Based BH1417 Chips

This electronic circuit is a latest BH1417 FM Transmitter design from RHOM that includes a lot of features in one small package. It comes with pre-emphasis, limiter so that the music can be transmitted at the same audio level, stereo encoder for stereo transmission, low pass filter that blocks any audio signals above 15KHz to prevent any RF interference, PLL circuit that provides rock solid frequency transmission (no more frequency drift), FM oscillator and RF output buffer.

Rangkaian Alarm Garasi

This is a simple single-zone burglar alarm circuit. Its features include automatic Exit and Entry delays. It’s designed to be used with the usual types of normally-closed input devices such as – magnetic-reed contacts – micro switches – foil tape – and PIRs.

Rangkaian Power Amplifier BTL

Power Amplifier BTL
Gambar Rangkaian Power Amplifier BTL
Audio amplifiers operate either in a BTL (bridged) or single-ended ("normal") configuration. In the single-ended setup, the output lead goes to the "hot" or "+" side of the load (speaker or speaker box since we are talking audio) and the "-" or "negative" side of the load is tied to a common ground shared with the amplifier. In the BTL configuration, one amp is connected to the "+" side of the speaker (load) and a second amp is connected to the "-" side of the load. For this to work, the output signal from the second amplifier must be a "mirror image" (identical in every respect, but 180 degrees out of phase) of the output from the first amp. The BTL configuration is most often seen in low-voltage, battery-powered applications (like cell phones or "walkman" type personal tape or cd players etc) or in automotive applications over about 10 watts per channel.

Rangkaian Treble boost

This is Treble Boost circuit. IC LM741 that excellent like to use general the price economizes , and use electronics other equipment assemble a little. In this circuit has can to improve the treble about 10000 Hz that 40 dB. By you can change C1 be other value as a result , will affect the treble differently. This circuit uses the fire feeds about 9V. See the circuit and read to add.

treble boostSkema rangkaian treble boost

Rangkaian Sirine Sederhana 2 Transistor

This is a simple Siren circuit used 2 transistor . The siren circuit produced imitates the rise and fall of an American police siren. When first switched on the 10u capacitors is discharged and both transistors are off. When the push button switch is pressed to 10u capacitor will charge via 22k resistor. This voltage is applied to the base of the BC108B which will turn on slowly. When the switch is released the capacitor will discharge via the 100k and 47k base resistors and the transistor will slowly turn off. The change in voltage alters the frequency of the siren.

Sirine Sederhana
Skema rangkaian sirine sederhana

Rangkaian Comparator Tegangan Sederhana

Comparator Tegangan
Rangkaian Comparator Tegangan Sederhana
This is a Voltage Comparator circuit can be uses indicates the input voltage differs from two defined limits, V1 and V2.

One application here is to monitor a 12V car battery. V1 can be set to 14V and V2 to 11V thus giving an indication of more than the cost or weak batteries. Op-amp used here is the CA3140 MOSFET. They are used to

Rangkaian Sound Level Meter

Skema rangkaian sound level meter
This is circuit can be used to check the sound levels.The sound pressure meter is vey useful in setting up home theater systems , if you need to test the sound pressure of each channels on different positions in the room.

The circuit is nothing but a non- inverting amplifier based on op-amp CA 3140. The sound picked by the condenser mic will be amplified by the IC1 and rectified by the bridge D1 to drive the meter M1. The deflection on the meter will be proportional to the pressure of the sound falling on the mic.The switch S1 can be used as an ON/OFF switch.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Car Parking Helper Circuit

A simple but useful circuit to solve the problems with parking car, in spaces without good visibility.  The electric circuit appears in picture 1. It is constituted by the IC1 and components round he.  When the car bumper touch soft and push lightly the switch S1 then of battery voltage + 9 V it is applied in the circuit, the transistor Q1 turn ON and the diodes D3-4 they blink. After 4 seconds the capacitor C1 charging.  The pin 9 of IC1c it goes in high potential, simultaneously the pin 10 goes in low potential and Q1 turn off and the diodes turn off and the circuit it remains in situation of waiting, until the next excitation of switch S1.  

Rangkaian Pengusir Serangga

Rangkaian ini akan mengeluarkan frekwensi 22 KHz yang akan membuat serangga serangga merasa terganggu, sehingga rangkaian ini bisa digunakan untuk mengusir serangga, baik di rumah maupun di sekeliling rumah anda. Rangkaian ini menggunakan CMOS 4047 sebagai komponen inti. Untuk hasil yang lebih baik, sebaiknya gunakan eksternal power suplly.

4-LED Night Light with 120v

This circuit uses can be used as a night light. It uses a 120v Mains to power the circuit. Works like a charm!


Dark Detector (Deteksi Kegelapan)

The dark detector circuit shown here can be used to produce an audible alarm when the light inside a room goes OFF. The circuit is build around timer IC NE555.A general purpose LDR is used for sensing the light. When proper light is falling on the LDR its resistance is very low. When there is no light the LDR resistance increases. At this time the IC is triggered and drives the buzzer to produce an alarm sound. If a transistor and relay is connected at the output (pin3) of IC1 instead of the buzzer, electrical appliances can be switched according to the light.

Auto Switch-Off Torch

An elderly acquaintance who couldn't cope with battery recharging was getting through dry cells rapidly by leaving their torch switched on, so I built the following LED torch circuit which switches off automatically after about five minutes. Switching the torch off manually then resets the circuit.

20 Watt Power Amplifier

This IC chip was designed specifically for use in power boosting applications in automobiles. It is self protecting against short circuits and thermal problems. In the bridge configuration shown it will deliver 20 watts of power into a 2 ohm speaker operating at 14.4 volts.

FM Transmitter (Pemancar FM)