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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rangkaian Sekring|Fuse Otomatis

Simple electronic fuse
Skema Rangkaian Sekring|Fuse Otomatis
To restrict / security, electric current is usually used fuse/sekring or patron is dissolved when going short (konslet) will drop out and must be replaced with a new one. Then, in order not to drop out of each new change means that more money out to buy, then there fuse/sekring automatically work with the reset button. So there are problems with each short, fuse/sekring will automatic decided flow then to return it does not need to buy a new (if not broken) just press the reset the equipment will live again.

This is one of the simplest electronic

Rangkaian Fan Control Suhu Otomatis

 Control suhu otomatis
Skema rangkaian fan control suhu otomatis
This circuit of automatic Control suhu is based on two transistors that can be used to control the speed of a 12 V DC fan depending on the temperature (suhu). A thermistor (R1) is used to sense the temperature. When the temperature increases the base current of Q1 (BC 547) increases which in turn decreases the collector voltage of the same transistor. Since the collector of Q1 is coupled to the base of Q2 (BD 140), the decrease in collector voltage of Q1 forward biases the Q2 more and so do the speed of the motor. Also, the brightness of the LED will be proportional to the speed of the motor.