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Monday, 28 May 2012

Rangkaian Lampu LED Sepeda Motor 2x20

Rangkaian Lampu LED Sepeda Motor ini sangat sederhana yang hanya menggunakan beberapa komponen saja tapi hasilnya sangat memuaskan. Konsumsi dayanya sangat kecil cukup 6 Volt saja sangat  cocok untuk sepeda motor anda.
The 555 circuit below is a flashing bicycle light powered with four C,D or AA cells (6 volts). Two sets of 20 LEDs will alternately flash at approximately 4.7 cycles per second using RC values shown (4.7K for R1, 150K for R2 and a 1uF capacitor). Time intervals for the two lamps are about 107 milliseconds (T1, upper LEDs) and 104 milliseconds (T2 lower LEDs). Two transistors are used to provide additional current beyond the 200 mA limit of the 555 timer. A single LED is placed in series with the base of the PNP transistor so that the lower 20 LEDs turn off when the 555 output goes high during the T1 time interval. The high output level of the 555 timer is 1.7 volts less than the supply voltage.

Circuit  Project: 40 LED Bicycle Light

Adding the LED increases the forward voltage required for the PNP transistor to about 2.7 volts so that the 1.7 volt difference from supply to the output is insufficient to turn on the transistor. Each LED is supplied with about 20mA of current for a total of 220mA. The circuit should work with additional LEDs up to about 40 for each group, or 81 total. The circuit will also work with fewer LEDs so it could be assembled and tested with just 5 LEDs (two groups of two plus one) before adding the others.


LED Effects Schematic Diagrams

Rangkaian LED Berjalan 24 kanal. It is 24 channel light illumination. The schematic is very simple – 24 LED’s, 1 MCU and some additional components. The main principle is dynamic indication, which is usually implemented for control of 7-segment digital indicators. Here is the same, as for indicators are used traditional 5-mm LED’s.
For control unit is implemented not expensive MCU ATTYNI2313 (Atmel), which can drive direct LED (up to 20 mA on each pin). As you can see on the schematic, 24 LED’s are grouped in 4 groups, each one consist 6 LED’s. LED’s in group 1 indicate the content of register r0 of MCU, LED’s in group 2 – r1, LED’s in group 3 – r3 and LED’s in group 4 indicate the content of register r3. Dynamic indication do this, as in each moment of time indicates content of one register and scans them consecutive. For instance, when the content of r1 is loaded in output port (PORTB), the transistor Q2 is switched "ON", and the LED of group 2 indicate the bits in r1.
There are 3 buttons – "F", "+" and "-". The button F is for change of effect, and buttons "+" and "–" are for increasing or decreasing the speed of effect. For example, each time when you press button "-" changing of lights go more slowly. For fast changing of speed you can press and hold the appropriate button.
The speed of effects is independent of speed of dynamic indication, which is constant.
The schematic can be powered by any DC adapter for 8 to 15 V / 100mA. I use 12V adapter and for the stabilizer 7805 there is no need of heat sink for them – this is one of advantages of implementation of dynamic indication. Others advantages are simple schematic and PCB, lower pin count of MCU etc.
Software is written in assembler of IDE AVRStudio 4. The program code is below. There are a lot of comments for explanation how the program works. With simple changes in code everyone can make different effects and/or add them. Each effect can be up to 24 stages.
If the LED pins are made longer with additional wires, LED effects can be used for Christmas tree or for advertising text on shop window (for instance). If there is need, LED number can be easy increased up to 32 LED’s and stages. Enjoy!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rangkaian Lampu LED sederhana untuk Sepeda Motor

Skema Rangkaian Lampu LED
Lamp type LED has several advantages compared with the usual light when the applied on a motorcycle.
In addition to more efficient battery when compared with normal hologen lamps, LED also has several other advantages, such as light more evenly and provide a luxurious feel to the vehicle.

The following are examples of simple creations that you can apply to decorate your motorcycle using the LED.
Lampu LED Untuk MotorRangkaian Lampu LED Untuk Sepeda Motor

For this circuit is recommended only as a replacement motorcycle brake lights or city lights with the electrical source from the battery. Indeed in the market has many available variations of LED lights that can be used as brake lights or disco lights, but maybe some people would be proud if his own creative, hopefully circuit schemes that we present above can assist you in creating.

The following examples of applications that we apply to motorcycles mio

Lampu LED Untuk Motor
Lampu LED Untuk Motor